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Laminator Laminator


Laminating Size 2200mm×2000mm
Power/working power 36KW/16KW
Laminating Pressure 0Mpa~1Mpa(Can be set arbitrary)
Temperature Control Precision ±1℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±1.5℃
Heating Mode Oil Heating
Controllable Working
Temperature 30℃-180℃
Vacuum Supply Speed 70 L/S
Working Vacuum Degree ≤100Pa(≤2min)
Water Supply 8L/min
Dimensions 2480mm×2700mm×1290mm
Air Supply Pressure 0.5Mpa~0.8Mpa
Compressed air flux 0.22m3/s
Better temperature uniformity
±1℃. The temperature of multi-dot control fulfills
a solidification craft demand absolutely
Power Supply AC380V 3 phase5 line 60HZ
System Control PLC


Laminator installed at Gandhinagar, Gujarat