Save Energy

Save Energy, Save money, Save Nation, Save planet

Go Green, Go Solar.

Carbon Foot Prints ?

Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print.
Use alternate Renewable Engery From the Sun.

Manufacture & Exporters of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

Ideal for:
Residential Water Heating
Hospitals & Dispensaries
Schools & Community Centers
Hotels, Restaurants and Guest houses
Textile Industries
Chemical & Fertilizer Industries
Diaries & Food processing Industries
Steam Cooking
Drug & Pharmaceutical Industries
Leather Processing Industries
Pre-heated water to boilers
Vj Solar Systems Solar Water Heating Systems provide reliable solutions for a variety of hot water heating applications, which include  both domestic and industrial applications.
Vj Solar Systems Solar Water Heating Systems provide  years of dependable service. Each part of the system is designed for high efficiency and durability due to the stringent internal quality control measure employed by Vj Solar Systems. The systems also come with an optional “back-up” coil to heat water during rainy season, and a temperature gauge to measure the temperature.
Vj Solar Systems Solar Water Heating Systems are available in a wide range of capacities right from 100 Liters per day (LPD), depending on the application of hot water and temperature of hot water required.

Reliable and Durable
Trouble free performance
Proven & Reliable Canadian Technology
Low maintenance
High efficiency collectors
Wide range of capacities
Can withstand temperature of more than 300º C
Optional Electrical backup
Last for more than 10 years
Can be used under varying Water Quality Conditions such as soft water, hard water, high purity water, coolant etc.

Here’s what you benefit:
You’ll derive an immediate and significant savings in Energy costs. Depending on the volume of hot water needed and the local climate, you can realize a savings of 40% to 80% on Electricity or Fuel charges. Many people use Solar Water Heater system to pre-heat water for boiling or to produce steam. The system is less dependent on fluctuating fuel prices and is another factor that makes the system a wise investment, since the source of energy – THE SUN is absolutely free.