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Solar Pump

solar water pumps


System Performance

An irradiation value and the required head in meters are
given for a certain solar pumping system.

By connecting the point for the power output in Wp of the solar array with an irradiation value, move vertical upwards to the intersection with the required head curve,then horizontal to the left to find the daily quantity of water that can be pumped ( m³/day)
Or the other way:

By starting from the daily required water amount horizontally to the intersection of the required head, then vertically down to the intersection with the expectedsolar irradiation, then horizontally to the left to find the required output of the solar array.


Instantaneous Output
From the above curves, the maximum quantity of water in m³/h for a given solar array size in Wp and head in meters / ft can be found. Add at least 25% to the DC power to account for dirt, heat and other losses of the solar array.


Centrifugal multistage direct coupled on a LORENTZ brushless submersible motor. The pump is made from
stainless steel with water lubricated rubber bearings. A non return valve is included.


The LORENTZ submersible motor, type EC 1200-C is a 2 pole synchronous brushless DC motor. Slide ring bearing and ceramic trust bearings are water lubricated.
The motor raw earth magnets are hermetically sealed instainless steel and encapsulated in synthetic resin.
The motor is pressure compensated and there are no practical depth limitations for submergence.
No electronics are inside the motor and the entire motor is water filled.


Voltage: 3 X 100V electronically commutated
Power: 1,6kW / 2,2HP
Efficiency: 92% max.

Mounted at surface,
Well probe and float switch terminals
MPPT ( max. power point tracking)
Overload, temperature and reverse polarity protected
Pump Speed control from 30% to full
LED indicate status, pump speed water level, overload etc.