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Sun Simulator

sun simulator


Dimensions 2400mm×1900mm×900mm
Max working size 1300mm×2000mm
Light intensity Uniformity ≤±2%
Light Source
Long pulse-arc xenon lamp with IEC60904-9A Grade
spectral irradiance distribution requirements
Type Lamp-house shoots vertically from the bottom up.
Testing repeatability ≤±0.5%
Absolute precision ±2%
Max. test power 300 W
Weight 250kg
Power supply 220VAC single phase 550W
Test mode Single time flash test
Test Parameters I-V curve,Isc,Voc,Im,Vm,Pm,FF, Rs,Rsh
Temperature calibration Auto calibrate
Operation system Windows XP
Temperature range 10℃-45℃
Humidity range 10%-70%