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Cell Tester

Cell Tester

Height of milling angle : 60mm
Full area intensity :7 to 120mW/mm
illumination Uniformity :±3%
Life time of a lamp :300,000flash times
Effective testing area :300mm×300mm
Working period :24 hours continuousty
Accuracy :<3%(for maximum power Pm)
Sorting resolution : ±2.5%(Pm)
Correction :to standard illumination and temperature
Testing period :<3 second for each moduie(not including
loading and unloading period)
I-V curve,Voc.lsc.Pm.Vm.Lm.FF.Tm
Sorting rank:max to 50 ranks,by one of choosen performance form Pmax.
lpm Vpm,and etc
Measures the following parameters:
I-V curve.Open circuit voltage(Voc)
Short-circuit current(lsc)
Peak power(Pm)
Current and voltage at peak power(lm and Vm)
Fill factor(F.F)
Module efficiency(Eff.)
Module temperature(Temp)